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Regionally rooted, networked world-wide.

We are your partner with the best overall package. Competent, high-performance, customer-oriented: Geis Group is an owner-managed company that offers standardised and customer-specific transport solutions as well as the entire range of logistics solutions.

Structured as medium-sized company with headquarters in Bavaria: Geis has strong roots, is continuously growing and successfully joins what belongs together: Tradition and modernity. Thanks to numerous company locations in Europe as well as high-performance partners the company has an international network.

Geis encourages team spirit and customer relations. With individual commitment the experts fulfil specific customer requirements from the most varied industries.

Forward-looking: Geis develops innovative and top-quality transport and logistics solutions. Efficient and sustainable at the same time.

We put value on combining dynamic drive and farsightedness with concentrated logistics skills. We are modern by tradition.

Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis, Managing Partners of the Geis Group

Strong and Dynamic: Geis in numbers.


Logistics and handling area





Structured as a medium-sized and owner managed company, solidity and sustainable development are of central importance in the Geis Group. At Geis, long-term reliability always takes priority over short-term profit maximisation. Geis combines this classic strength with advantages of a large company: Thanks to your financial and economic strength, a high level of standardisation and process excellence we develop a dynamic which makes Geis into the ideal partner of strong brands - regional, national, global. The data and facts speak for themselves.


Expertise, consistency and security are very important to us, combined with dynamic drive and the courage to change.

Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis, Managing Partners of the Geis Group

A clear corporate philosophy.

“Our brand has developed over the decades and is based on extensive values and core competencies”, say Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis, an essential core of the brand profile.

The Geis Group pursues the goal of providing the best overall package of individual benefits. This way, as a holistic and all-round reliable logistics partner Geis contributes to the success and satisfaction of its customers and employees.

With farsightedness, the family company develops the fitting offer for its customers and provides the optimal solutions with dynamic drive. Thanks to sustainable further development and capital strength important developments can be reliably monitored. The in-house high IT expertise enables the implementation of even challenging projects with more flexibility and speed.

Geis combines the flexibility and responsibility of a medium-sized company with the excellence and dynamic of a global player.

Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis, Managing Partners of the Geis Group

Entrepreneurial spirit with farsightedness: The Geis Management

Exploiting opportunities and minimising risks. Corporate farsightedness was and is the motor for the success story of the Geis Group. The Geis management thinks and acts with optimistic view of the opportunities and critical assessment of the risks. Innovative and responsible at the same time. In the interest of our customers and employees.

The management is clearly structured:

At the helm of the company are the Managing Partners Hans-Georg Geis, Wolfgang Geis, Hans-Wolfgang Geis and Jochen Geis. They manage the family company in second and third generation. 

The Geis Management Team is responsible for the business field. It consists of Hans-Wolfgang,Jochen Geis, Klaus Stäblein, Dr. Johannes Söllner, Erik Lassen, Michal Martinovic, Stefan Wendl und Peter Prusaczyk.

Klaus Staeblein
Managing Director of Road Services Division, Germany

Joerg Rotthowe
Managing Director of Road Services Division, Germany

Dr. Johannes Söllner
Geschäftsführer Geis Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Logistics Services Division

Erik Lassen
Managing Director of Logistics Services

Stefan Wendl
Managing Director of Air + Sea Services Europa

Michal Martinovic
Managing Director of Geis CEE (PL, CZ, SK)

Peter Prusaczyk
Managing Director of Finance Geis Gruppe (CFO)

Together with our management team we consistently implement the qualified growth strategy.

Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis, Managing Partners of the Geis Group



We have bundled our measures into a sustainability strategy and set ourselves an ambitious goal: The MissionZero program. This mission is aimed at making the entire corporate group climate-neutral by 2040.

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We are therefore you: With wide-ranging expertise. Throughout Europe.

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