Berlin pandas flown out

Corporate, 02. July 2024

Goodbye, Pit and Paule! The two panda bears have moved from Berlin Zoo to China. They were flown by cargo plane to Chengdu and on to the panda breeding and research station there. Our Berlin Air + Sea team was responsible for the organization and handling of this very special air freight.

When Pit and Paule were born at Berlin Zoo on August 31, 2019, it was a minor sensation. The twin brothers were the first and so far only pandas to be born in Germany. Nevertheless, like their parents, they remained on loan from China.

As there is no direct connection from Berlin to Chengdu, an Air China plane was specially sent from Frankfurt to Berlin to transport the bears. In addition to handling the shipment, our Berlin employees also took care of coordination with customs, the airport and a vet.

Relaxed 10-hour flight
Thanks to a generous ration of bamboo, the two Berlin bears survived the ten-hour flight and arrived safely in Chengdu. There they are now part of a species protection program under their Chinese names Meng Xiang ("Desired Dream") and Meng Yuan ("Fulfilled Dream").

Parents remain Berliners
Visitors to Berlin Zoo will still be able to enjoy panda bears in the coming years. Pit and Paolo's mother Meng Meng ("little dream") and father Jiao Qing ("darling") will remain Germany's only pandas at Berlin Zoo in the future. Incidentally, our Berlin Air + Sea team also took care of the import of the two in 2017.